Wednesday, January 8, 2014

La Guerra+La Venegas+Aurora @House of Blues Chicago 1998

CHICAGO - 11/01/1998

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  1. A Latina Lilith
    By Achy Obejas | November 1, 1998
    Think of it as a kind of Latina Lilith Fair. Sunday night at the House of Blues, the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum presents "De Diva Voz," three rock en espanol acts spotlighting three of the genre's most original female performers. Ely Guerra, whose "Pa' Morirse de Amor," has been selling at a clip south of the U.S. borders, joins Julieta Venegas, whose album "Aqui" had the first single by a roquera in Mexico's top 20. Also on the bill is Aurora y La Academia, whose style leans a little closer to pop.